CWSM Members

Top row: Hollie Clere, Valerie Morris. Bottom row: Erin Cell, Joyce Feustel, Laura Pence Atencio, Michelle Hoglan, Aimee Skillin and CWSM Founder Melody Jones.

Welcome to Colorado Women in Social Media.

We are a collaboration of social media consultants, strategists, managers, coaches, teachers, and speakers. We formed our group as a place for women who work in social media to meet, mentor, consult, educate and master mind.

We discovered that keeping the group tight and focused – only 13 members are allowed – has helped us develop a high level of trust and collaboration.

CWSM hosts several public events every year as a way to help others learn about social media. Take a look at our calendar to find out what the group is doing (and what individual members are doing!) and follow our social media accounts for news about what’s happening next.

Here we are on Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks for visiting!

A Note About How We Work

CWSM is a limited-membership referral-only collaborative group of women who work primarily in the world of social media. We focus on collaboration, support, education and masterminding within the group and have developed strong reciprocal relationships and trust as a result of keeping group membership limited.

At this time, our membership is at capacity. Our referral and application process includes the criteria that interested women first know a current member of CWSM so that a referral can be made by that member to the membership committee. If there is an opening, an application process follows. All applicants must have a primary focus in working in social media to qualify.