How to Show You Value Your Social Media Fans

The most valuable part of your social media presence and strategy is your fans. Without them, who would care what you’re posting? You’ll hear those of us who teach and manage social media tell you repeatedly that you must engage with your social media fans on a regular basis. We probably all say it in our sleep we say it so often. But it’s true – you must take the time to show your fans that you value them. Learn more about valuing your fans here.   Post by Melody Jones, Founder and CEO of Social Media Management Services LLC        

Tuesday Tip: How to Get Personal Friends to Like Your Facebook Page

If you are the “face” of your small business and want to get more of your personal friends to “like” your business page, consider adding a bio with links on your personal profile picture description and then changing it up every so often (monthly or quarterly). This will show up on their news feed and more people will be made aware of your business. Tuesday Tip provided by Erin Cell, Founder & CEO of Socially Powered, LLC          

Online Review Collections: Are You at Your Optimal Search Level?

When people search on Google, are they able to find you? Are you showing up, do you have current reviews, are your business listings correct? A lot of questions, but ones that need to be answered to make sure you are putting your best foot forward with your online presence. Want to learn more? Read it on LinkedIn. (if the text appears crossed out, it has something to do with LinkedIn’s site – it IS a valid link).   Post by Michelle Hoglan, Owner, Director of Social Media and Partner Management at Top Hat Creative Marketing

Tuesday Tip: Why You Should Use Facebook Insights

Every Tuesday we post a social media tip from a Colorado Women in Social Media member. Monitor competitors and other similar companies on Facebook using the “insights” tab when you’re logged in as an administrator.  You can choose who to follow, or follow the suggested local businesses.  When you’re following these profiles, you can see how their pages are performing.  This allows you to keep tabs on your industry, competitors, and get new ideas for your own page!     Today’s social media Tuesday Tip comes from Valerie Morris, Founder of Tintero Creative.

The Top 10 Reasons Your Small Business Needs to Blog

As a small business, you’ve probably heard from your marketing consultant or team that you need to be “blogging”. Blogging is just a fancy word for writing an article that lives on your website. If you’re not already posting blogs, it’s probably time to get started. Not only can you establish yourself as the subject matter expert by writing about what you already know, but it will connect you with your customers at a much deeper level. Brought to you buy Beth Johnston, this article provides 10 proven reasons that there is value in a business blog. Read more here.   Post by Beth Johnston of Social Bridges.