Social Media Tip from the Connector who believes in MORE Social and less Media

  Connection. It is why we Link, Follow, Like, Blab, etc. etc. etc.  This “fad” called Social Media is not going away anytime soon, and just like those folks who believe Al Gore invented the Internet or was that Al Gore who thinks he invented the Internet, well, it is here to stay! Once we are all connected and social, what is the worst thing that can happen? It’s a key on your keyboard, and it says DELETE. Besides blocking a person on Facebook, the next Social “no-no” brands and businesses need to be managing is deleting a post from a member of the community. Why? The business just lost a major opportunity to gain valuable insight or course correct.  Rather than delete, reply. Yes, I know it is scary, but responding allows you to learn what happened or why …

Positivity + Social Media

YOU have the power to make social media a positive or negative experience for yourself. Take control of your Facebook newsfeed, Twitter stream, and other social media platforms by following these useful tips on choosing who to follow (or unfollow), setting an example for others by sharing positive messages, connecting IRL (in real life), and taking control through the use of tools. Read more tips here.     Image courtesy of   Blog post by Erin Cell, Founder & CEO of Socially Powered, LLC

Tuesday Tip: Get Connected on LinkedIn

Invite your clients (and referral partners) to connect with you on LinkedIn. Being connected with them there gives you a chance to easily congratulate them on work anniversaries, comment on their posts on their news feed, and just generally stay in touch.   Tuesday tip provided by Joyce Feustel, Founder of Boomers’ Social Media Tutor  

Why Facebook Users Respond Well to Images in Posts

If you want to increase your engagement in Facebook, consider using images in your posts. Facebook is, hands down, the cornerstone of a company’s social media platform. There are plenty of social media sites out there to choose from – each with their own purpose, strengths and weaknesses. However, Facebook boosts over 1.23 billion active users. That’s quite an audience! Unfortunately, that audience has a lot to look at. In a sea of virtual competition, how can a lone Facebook page hope to stand out and grab attention? There’s a lot that goes into a great Facebook page. Professionally crafted bios with the most appropriate keywords, branding, consistent posts with interesting and viable information, links to products and partners, and attention grabbing graphics are all part of what makes a business page great. When balancing all those components, why are the images such an …