How Do You Get Viral Content On Social Media? We Explain It With Golf.

A View On Going Viral On Social Media by Tintero Creative |  Denver Content Marketing Firm If you’ve ever tried to pick up golf, you may have experienced a bit of frustration along with some joys and some defeats.  The fact is, social media is a lot like golf and going viral on social media can often feel like hitting getting a hole in one.  Many of my clients ask me how they can go viral on social media and the way I explain the strategies is a lot how I talk about golf.  Join me as we delve into this analogy to learn some best practices to have solid content and aim for content that can go viral! Read the full article here.

Boomerang for GMail – a Tool that works!

Do you use GMail? Are you sometimes frustrated that you can’t schedule your emails? How about getting a reminder when an email goes unanswered and you don’t have a good way to recall the original message. There is a solution! Boomerang for GMail! Have you heard about it? Well it is just fabulous! I started with a trial to check it out. And I won’t look back- promise! Boomerang for GMail allows you to: Schedule an email to send at a time you designate Reminders – Boomerang will recall the message when you need it by scheduling. Remind you if your email goes unanswered within your specified time Send yourself an email as a reminder while you’re out and about. Need a confirmation that your email has been received? Get a read receipt! Boomerang can track which links have been …

Tuesday Tip: Post your Blog posts on Pinterest

Want to have more views and shares of your blogs?  Create a Board on Pinterest.  You will get more visibility, shares and repins.  Don’t forget to make sure your boards link back to your webpage!