How Did Colorado Women in Social Media Get Started?

The spark of a fantastic idea happened in the fall of 2014. CWSM founder Melody Jones wanted to connect with like-minded business women who worked in her field of social media, and not in the standard networking group way. She wanted authentic, consistent and intentional connection through a group that could establish deep trust and respect for each other. Read her first installment of how Colorado Women in Social Media was created. Her post takes us through that beginning spark, her own career experience and motivation, and finally the creation of the group.   Melody Jones Founder and CEO of Social Media Management Services LLC

Tuesday Tip: Tag Users in Your Tweet Image

For the next event you want to promote on Twitter, create an image to share in a Tweet. Once you upload the image, you can tag the image with up to 10 Twitter users. When the Tweet publishes, each user will be alerted of the mention in your Tweet image and can react/share accordingly. Twitter is fast-paced, so don’t be shy about posting multiple Tweets with different users tagged each time!

Is Snapchat worth your time? by Rachel Moore, Really Social

Is Snapchat Worth Your Time?

‘Fess up: you’ve asked this question at some point in the last year. You’ve wondered if you should waste marketing effort and time on an app with fleeting content which primarily caters to millennials. Is Snapchat worth your time? This marketer says yes. Let’s dig into the why. Reason #1: You Just Never Know. Change is the one constant in the universe and in social media. The wealth of updates to existing apps as well as roll-outs of new apps is enough to make Donald Trump pause. We simply can’t predict if a specific app, like Snapchat, will ultimately swoop in to replace Instagram or Facebook… or conversely go the way of Peach or MySpace. For the “just in case” scenario, a marketer—or one of the marketer’s staff—should check the app out and at least grab your user name before the platform …

Tuesday Tip: Shorten Your URLs

Long, wordy urls can be distracting in your social media posts, and take up valuable real estate!  Take a couple seconds to use a url shortening tool (you can find a few good ones here) which will make your posts look better and more clear to your audience.