Using Google Alerts to Monitor Your Online Reputation

In today’s dynamic world, reputation is everything. With millions of blogs, social media accounts, review sites, and more, how can you hope to keep up with comments about your online brand and reputation, as well as track reviews? Google Alerts is the answer. Google Alerts is a free system that Google put in place to allow you to set up an email notification for new search results on topics of your choice. You can set up alerts for your brand and those alerts will notify you of any new reviews or content that includes that information. Setting up an alert is very simple: Visit Google Alerts. In the “Create an alert about” box, enter the words you want to get email notifications for. This is the spot for you to put in your brand, name, etc. Use quotation marks to identify …

Tuesday Tip: Latinos are on Facebook & Instagram

Don’t ignore the latino/hispanic  community.  We are social creatures by nature, and we are very good at Social Media.  This is where this demographic communicates, looks for brands they can trust and recommend positive experiences as well as share any negatives.  Latinos carry an immense amount of power when it comes to using social media as a tool to advance issues that are important to us.  You’ll find this community on Facebook and Instagram  #CultureIntelligence

Tuesday Tip: Go Live from Twitter

Twitter has rolled out an update to its mobile app to allow you to “Go Live” with a video! Simply begin to compose a new tweet, then click on the camera icon. You should see a new option to “Go Live;” when you click it, you’ll be taken directly into Periscope to start a new live broadcast which will be tweeted/shared to your Twitter followers. Don’t forget to title your Periscope (use hashtags!) and greet new viewers!

Social Media and the Latino Market

I want to grow my brand.  I want to create the know-like-trust in the Latino Market because I know that my product or service would be of use to that market.  So now what do I do? The first thing to know is what platforms do they frequent and rely on?  The answer; Facebook and Instagram. But it’s more complicated than this.  It’s vitally important to understand how they communicate and what will evoke positive responses and engagement.  I love working with this demographic because they are easy to communicate with once you understand their wants and needs.  The keys to communicating with this demographic are honesty, follow-through, authenticity and humor.   Also understanding that family and referrals are how they communicate brand loyalty to one another. The Latino population looks for Brands that relate with their culture, their humor, their …

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Use Automation Wisely for Social Media Success

Are you an automation addict, an engagement purist, or somewhere in-between? Let’s help you find your way by defining the two opposite extremes: The automation addict has automatic replies, rules, and alerts set up wherever possible so they can appear present on social media while remaining mostly hands-off until needed. The engagement purist uses zero automation and is committed to posting in real-time, all the time, or they don’t post at all. The “in-between” of automation. Here’s the thing: there’s nothing wrong with using automation. There is something wrong with misusing automation. You don’t have to go very far to find those automation addicts who have crossed the line and left authentic engagement in the dust.   To read more about ways to use and abuse automation in your social media strategy, click here. Let us know below: are you the automation addict, …