10 Traits To Look For In A Social Media Manager

SocialMediaWomen-2015rt001-colorThere are a number of focuses and specialities within the social media industry, including social media managers, strategists, reputation managers, coaches, and speakers.  Of course, there are always new roles popping up too, as the industry grows and evolves.  Many of the members of Colorado Women in Social Media are social media managers, and while we each have our own expertise, we all have a few traits in common.  We took a look at some of these vital characteristics that a social media manager should possess and compiled them into a handy list.

Mind if we share?

  1. Thirsty To Learn.  Look for someone who loves learning new programs and ideas.  Social media is constantly changing and a good social media manager needs to enjoy staying on top of it all!
  2. A Self-Starter.  Piggy-backing off of the first point, social media managers have to learn constantly, and sometimes that means learning something that no one has ever explained before.  When new programs, apps, and social medias come out, a lot of the process is just diving into it.  Look for someone who isn’t afraid of learning new programs, and has done so in the past.
  3. Understands Design.  Social media managers often need to create eye-catching graphics and posts.
  4. Understands Grammar.  The last thing you want is someone ghostwriting your social media who has issues spelling or issues with basic grammar.  Poor grammar and typos make you and your business look bad.
  5. Creative.  Social media is a constantly changing scene and the creative ideas are the ones that stand out and go viral.  Look for someone who has ideas flowing regularly!
  6. Get traits 6-11 here!

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