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4 Ways to Be the Best at Blab

Do you justĀ hate blundering your way through using a new tool? If so, you’re one of our people.

Blab icon by Really Social

Blab is the little purple owl dominating live video today.

Blab is still fairly new to social media circles, as are the masses of users flocking to use it. With so many going on-air, how can you stand out? By being the best at Blab.

Here are four ways you can prep your first Blab for ultimate success.

  1. Schedule your Blab into the future to allow you the time and opportunity to promote it.
  2. Prepare your questions. Seems like a no-brainer, but you can even populate them into your Blab before it starts.
  3. Set the ground rules. Just because you know how to handle yourself on live video doesn’t mean other users do.
  4. Moderate like a master. If you’re the host of your Blab, own it and use that authority to control it appropriately.

Want even more detail on how to walk away from your Blab in full glory? Click here to read the full post.


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