5 Ways To Win With Emojis In Your Social Media Strategy

Depending on your age, afinity, and personality, you may or may not have embraced emojis in your social media.  What used to be something cute and fun to do has now become a common practice on social media channels and it’s something YOU can use to your advantage!

What’s an Emoji?

An emoji is a graphical icon of an object or smiley face.  Most people think about emojis being helpful in text messages when a simple “thumbs up” emoji is faster to use than typing out “sounds good.” Emojis can be used to convey an emotion or express a thought in visual format.  They’re fun, sometime silly, and highly effective on social media.

Check out these amazing stats if you’re still skeptical that emojis are helpful on social media:

  • On Twitter, using emojis results in 25.4% more engagement.
  • On Facebook, using emojis results in 57% more likes, 33% more comments, and 33% more shares.
  • On Instagram, nearly 50% of all comments and captions contain emojis.

You may be thinking… “okay, okay, I can see the value behind incorporating emojis,” but the real work is in knowing WHAT to do with them.  There’s actually a lot you can do with emojis on social  media and I’ve compiled a few tips to help you get started:

Act Natural.  The best way to start using emojis on social media is to just start and do it in a way that works for you and your personality.  My advice:  start with smiley faces.  They’re universally understood and helpful to convey your tone in a social post.

Stick to Your Brand.  If you are a fun, funky brand, then emojis may be right up your alley.  However, if you’re a professional in a more defined industry, you may want to only use emojis on truly fun posts, if at all.  For example, a financial planner may not want to use emojis regularly, but when a staff member has a birthday, you could use a birthday cake emoji along with some text.

Second Opinions.  If you’re going to start using more obscure emojis in a social campaign, you may want to get a second opinion.  For example, an eggplant often has a sexual undertone, which could be awk-ward if you didn’t intend to go down that route.  However, the New York City Health and Hospitals Twitter page did something really clever with an eggplant emoji and put the phrase” need someone to talk about it?” next to it.  It was a witty way to use an emoji with a double-meaning.

Describe Your Brand.  Emojis in your social profile bios are a perfect way to tell a lot about your brand in a small space.  For example, a horse trainer may not want to spell out “equestrian,” but a horse emoji can convey the same passion in a simple (and fun!) way.

Keep It Simple.  Avoid the temptation to use too many emojis at once.  You’re not creating some secret code for the world to figure out.  Stick to using a few emojis within a post or a string of text to supplement the copy itself.

Emojis are a great way to help your posts stand out and to get more engagement from your audience.  If you haven’t started implementing emojis into your social media strategy, now’s a great time to start using them!


Valerie Morris is a social media strategist who believes that you can be successful in social media marketing AND have balance in life.  She understands social media growth tactics and how they fit in with other digital marketing disciplines like SEO, blogging, advertising, email, and more.  Valerie founded Tintero Creative, a digital agency based in the Front Range.


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