Boomerang for GMail – a Tool that works!


Do you use GMail? Are you sometimes frustrated that you can’t schedule your emails? How about getting a reminder when an email goes unanswered and you don’t have a good way to recall the original message.

There is a solution! Boomerang for GMail! Have you heard about it? Well it is just fabulous! I started with a trial to check it out. And I won’t look back- promise!

Boomerang for GMail allows you to:

Schedule an email to send at a time you designate
Reminders – Boomerang will recall the message when you need it by scheduling.
Remind you if your email goes unanswered within your specified time
Send yourself an email as a reminder while you’re out and about.
Need a confirmation that your email has been received? Get a read receipt!
Boomerang can track which links have been clicked in your email.
Mobile access
Add notes to your email – You can attach a note to the message as you schedule it with Boomerang.
Send recurring messages. For example, do you have a weekly scheduled meeting? Write the reminder email once and schedule it to be sent out daily/weekly/monthly.

So how about mobile? Does it work?

The answer is yes! However, currently there is only an app for Android and iOS is in the works. BUT, you can access online. Just bookmark and you can:

Schedule messages on the go
Set email reminders for important messages
Set Response Tracking
Manage your Messages
Safe and Secure: Boomerang Mobile uses the same Google-recommended OAuth flow as the desktop version.
Any Smart Phone: Boomerang works on the iPad, the iPhone, anything Android, BlackBerries, Windows 7 Phones , and many feature phones that include mobile web support.

So go ahead, give it a try. You’ll love it! I do. Are you ready to sign up? Awesome! Here’s the link:

Aimee Skillin is the owner and founder of Social Media Languages. She is a certified Social Media Manager and Google Apps for Work Specialist. Aimee also created, wrote and developed “Become a Business Creative” a curriculum that marries Social Media and Google tools to help you rock your business and showcase your creativity and Social Media skills. Aimee primarily works with cosmetologists, hair stylists and beauticians. Become a Business Creative can be tailored to any industry. Aimee is also available for your speaking engagements.

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