Can You Republish Articles On LinkedIn?

If you’ve been around LinkedIn, you know that publishing articles on their platform is a great way to get more eyeballs on your content and to position yourself as an expert in your subject matter.  However, if you’ve been around SEO for any length of time, you know that Google hates duplicate content.  They see it as plagiarism, which is a big no-no!  So, social media managers, marketers, and SEO experts have debated if you can republish the same article on LinkedIn and honestly, it’s something we’ve even discussed in our CWSM meetings from time to time.

Valerie Morris, who focused heavily on content creation and marketing alongside social media dove into this topic recently on her blog.  She talked with social media experts, LinkedIn experts, SEO gurus, and more to compile the basics so you can decide how to promote yourself through the LinkedIn publishing tool.

You can read the full article HERE.


Valerie Morris is a social media strategist who believes that you can be successful in social media marketing AND have balance in life.  She understands social media growth tactics and how they fit in with other digital marketing disciplines like SEO, blogging, advertising, email, and more.  Valerie founded Tintero Creative, a digital agency based in the Front Range.


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