Create Great Content Using “PIECE” Messaging

Not sure what to say on social media to effectively engage your audience? There is more to it than just promoting your product or services. But many come to the posting box with their social network and freeze, unsure of what to share that will be meaningful. At Actuate Social, we call this phenomenon “Posting Stress Syndrome.” Do not fret! Posting on social media networks is as easy as giving a PIECE of yourself. After all, the more you give, the more you get right? Want to know more? Read this…   Blog post by Lisa Haas, Founder & President of Actuate Social          

The Top 10 Reasons Your Small Business Needs to Blog

As a small business, you’ve probably heard from your marketing consultant or team that you need to be “blogging”. Blogging is just a fancy word for writing an article that lives on your website. If you’re not already posting blogs, it’s probably time to get started. Not only can you establish yourself as the subject matter expert by writing about what you already know, but it will connect you with your customers at a much deeper level. Brought to you buy Beth Johnston, this article provides 10 proven reasons that there is value in a business blog. Read more here.   Post by Beth Johnston of Social Bridges.