Social Media and the Latino Market

I want to grow my brand.  I want to create the know-like-trust in the Latino Market because I know that my product or service would be of use to that market.  So now what do I do? The first thing to know is what platforms do they frequent and rely on?  The answer; Facebook and Instagram. But it’s more complicated than this.  It’s vitally important to understand how they communicate and what will evoke positive responses and engagement.  I love working with this demographic because they are easy to communicate with once you understand their wants and needs.  The keys to communicating with this demographic are honesty, follow-through, authenticity and humor.   Also understanding that family and referrals are how they communicate brand loyalty to one another. The Latino population looks for Brands that relate with their culture, their humor, their …

Having Strategy in your Marketing is Important

  Marketing a small business  can be difficult at the same time while running a successful company. There are many balls to juggle and owners need to manage the work, customers, balance numbers and support the team; so marketing often gets forgotten. Your business growth does depend on your marketing strategy. Business Plan First, you need to have a plan. The more detailed your plan the easier it will be to set measurable and achievable goals. Your plan should incorporate what you intend to do during the year – the amount of work, the level of profit, staffing, expenses, purpose and messaging. Leave no rock uncovered when you sit down and develop your plan. This will include your marketing strategy for the year. Branding & Storytelling What a lot of business owners don’t understand about their brand is that it exists whether you develop it …

How Did Colorado Women in Social Media Get Started?

The spark of a fantastic idea happened in the fall of 2014. CWSM founder Melody Jones wanted to connect with like-minded business women who worked in her field of social media, and not in the standard networking group way. She wanted authentic, consistent and intentional connection through a group that could establish deep trust and respect for each other. Read her first installment of how Colorado Women in Social Media was created. Her post takes us through that beginning spark, her own career experience and motivation, and finally the creation of the group.   Melody Jones Founder and CEO of Social Media Management Services LLC

Networking 101

Networking can be intimidating if you are just starting out in business, but it doesn’t have to be. There are things you can do to improve your networking skills and start building relationships. The most important networking skill is to connect with others on a deeper level. After all, people do business with people they know, like and trust. So, start by asking questions about the person you are speaking with and listen to their answers, really listen. Read here for more detailed information on Networking 101.   Contributed by Erin Cell, Founder & CEO of Socially Powered, LLC