What’s The Difference Between Power Editor & Ads Manager?

How To Use Facebook Business Manager:  Basic Tools Facebook Business Manager has had a bad reputation overall, mainly because of its clunky user experience.  However, there are some powerful tools tucked inside this dashboard and if you know how to use them, you can really make an impact for your brand on Facebook and Instagram.  One of the big questions we get a lot is what the difference is between Power Editor and Ads Manager.  They appear to have similar capabilities, which can even further confuse people to know if they are using the tools the right way.  Valerie dug into this topic recently on her blog to help demystify this topic.  Check out the full article here!

Getting the Most out of Facebook Events

Getting the Most Out of Facebook Events

Have you decided that you want to create a Facebook Event but need some guidance? Through the power of Facebook, you can reach a wide audience and put together a superb event without a lot of work. A great Facebook event provides people with information to discover your event through friends, their News Feed and event recommendations. By following these tips, you’ll ensure that your event reaches more of the right audience. Ready to start? First, you’ll need to pick a cover photo. You want to capture the essence of what you are going to be doing during this event – people use your photo to understand more about the event. If you don’t have your own photo or graphic, you can find millions of free professional stock photos online at websites like Dreamstime or Furious Camera. The photo should …

Facebook’s Latest Updates In Live Video

Live stream video is not necessarily “new” in the world of social media, but it is now getting taken much more seriously.  As with most things, people watch to see if it will stick.  Well, live stream video has certain “stuck” and is out in full force.  Some of the latest changes are making it even easier to live stream to your audience. Facebook, especially, has upped it’s ante to get people live streaming on their platform.  Check out some of the latest changes: Live stream on business pages.  Live streaming is now available on a business page from a mobile device.  This is great way to engage with your audience specifically in a professional setting.  As opposed to sharing with all of your own friends, this reaches your audience on your business page.  This opens up great opportunities for …

How Do You Get Viral Content On Social Media? We Explain It With Golf.

A View On Going Viral On Social Media by Tintero Creative |  Denver Content Marketing Firm If you’ve ever tried to pick up golf, you may have experienced a bit of frustration along with some joys and some defeats.  The fact is, social media is a lot like golf and going viral on social media can often feel like hitting getting a hole in one.  Many of my clients ask me how they can go viral on social media and the way I explain the strategies is a lot how I talk about golf.  Join me as we delve into this analogy to learn some best practices to have solid content and aim for content that can go viral! Read the full article here.

Wednesday Tip: Best Sites to Learn About Social Media

Does keeping up with social media feel overwhelming? We understand here at Colorado Women in Social Media. To best serve and provide value to our clients and customers, we too have to keep up with all the changes in the social arena. We suggest you read a few high-quality blog sites that offer the latest social media information in easy-to-understand language. Check out the links below, and just know there are several more out there. Simply do a Google search. Tell us in comments which one you like best and why! Social Media Examiner Social Media Today Mashable Social Times Follow us on Twitter!