Make Your LinkedIn Profile Headline Work for You

How well is your LinkedIn profile headline working for you? Is this headline helping you attract the type of LinkedIn connections you are looking for? Too often, people simply use the default headline, which is the title of their current position and the company name. Learn how to showcase yourself in your headline by reading CWSM member Joyce Feustel’s blog post here.   Contributed by Joyce Feustel, Founder of Boomers’ Social Media Tutor 

Wednesday Tip: Best Sites to Learn About Social Media

Does keeping up with social media feel overwhelming? We understand here at Colorado Women in Social Media. To best serve and provide value to our clients and customers, we too have to keep up with all the changes in the social arena. We suggest you read a few high-quality blog sites that offer the latest social media information in easy-to-understand language. Check out the links below, and just know there are several more out there. Simply do a Google search. Tell us in comments which one you like best and why! Social Media Examiner Social Media Today Mashable Social Times Follow us on Twitter!  

Social Media Tip from the Connector who believes in MORE Social and less Media

  Connection. It is why we Link, Follow, Like, Blab, etc. etc. etc.  This “fad” called Social Media is not going away anytime soon, and just like those folks who believe Al Gore invented the Internet or was that Al Gore who thinks he invented the Internet, well, it is here to stay! Once we are all connected and social, what is the worst thing that can happen? It’s a key on your keyboard, and it says DELETE. Besides blocking a person on Facebook, the next Social “no-no” brands and businesses need to be managing is deleting a post from a member of the community. Why? The business just lost a major opportunity to gain valuable insight or course correct.  Rather than delete, reply. Yes, I know it is scary, but responding allows you to learn what happened or why …