Tuesday Tip: Don’t Wing It

Use an editorial calendar and plan ahead. You can use whatever works best for you and your business. Options include a calendar (like Google), a spreadsheet, or a scheduling tool that includes a calendar feature (such as Hootsuite or CoSchedule.) It takes a little investment of time up front but it will pay off by saving you time and headaches in the end!

Tuesday Tip: Snapchat!

Snapchat Tip: Always snap vertically! It’s native to the way people hold their phones & view snaps. If you must turn to horizontal please be sure to warn your followers & be creative if possible in letting them know you are changing it up. Our snap buddy @austiniuliano did something creative the other day by announcing to rotate phone for wide screen viewing!

Tuesday Tip: Tag Users in Your Tweet Image

For the next event you want to promote on Twitter, create an image to share in a Tweet. Once you upload the image, you can tag the image with up to 10 Twitter users. When the Tweet publishes, each user will be alerted of the mention in your Tweet image and can react/share accordingly. Twitter is fast-paced, so don’t be shy about posting multiple Tweets with different users tagged each time!