Facebook’s Latest Updates In Live Video

12967322_658776021436_2929303955805706207_oLive stream video is not necessarily “new” in the world of social media, but it is now getting taken much more seriously.  As with most things, people watch to see if it will stick.  Well, live stream video has certain “stuck” and is out in full force.  Some of the latest changes are making it even easier to live stream to your audience.

Facebook, especially, has upped it’s ante to get people live streaming on their platform.  Check out some of the latest changes:

Live stream on business pages.  Live streaming is now available on a business page from a mobile device.  This is great way to engage with your audience specifically in a professional setting.  As opposed to sharing with all of your own friends, this reaches your audience on your business page.  This opens up great opportunities for businesses that want to express their authenticity and their company culture in a relaxed manner.

Live stream on groups. Facebook also recently released the ability to live stream to specific groups you are members of.  Groups have always had a more targeted audience and in my opinion, better percentage of reach (as opposed to organic reach on a Page).  This new feature opens up a whole new realm of possibility in group interactions and bonding.

Live stream to events.  This third big area that live streaming is now available to is Events.  You can now post to an event via a live stream, which will go to those connected to the event.  If you are hosting the event, this is a great opportunity to feature personal invitations, behind-the-scenes prep for the event, and even live video from the event itself (to show those who missed all of what they missed out on perhaps?).


What Do All Of These Changes Mean?

Facebook is still king when it comes to social media, and here they are asserting their relevance in a  live stream video age.  In order to keep that status, they HAVE to keep up with tools like Blab, Periscope, Hangouts, and more.  Of course, think about what your strategy is in all of this.  It’s not easy to move live video from Facebook and put it somewhere else.  If you like to put videos up on YouTube or on your website, relying on Facebook video options all the time may not be your main tool.

Video is here to stay.  We’ve been saying that for years.  However, now with the new live stream video options, the social media of NOW is even more important.  We will continue to see our culture want a real-time expression of brands on social media, making social media one of your most valuable marketing tools!


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