Is Snapchat worth your time? by Rachel Moore, Really Social

Is Snapchat Worth Your Time?

‘Fess up: you’ve asked this question at some point in the last year. You’ve wondered if you should waste marketing effort and time on an app with fleeting content which primarily caters to millennials.

Is Snapchat worth your time?

This marketer says yes. Let’s dig into the why.

Reason #1: You Just Never Know.

Change is the one constant in the universe and in social media. The wealth of updates to existing apps as well as roll-outs of new apps is enough to make Donald Trump pause.

We simply can’t predict if a specific app, like Snapchat, will ultimately swoop in to replace Instagram or Facebook… or conversely go the way of Peach or MySpace. For the “just in case” scenario, a marketer—or one of the marketer’s staff—should check the app out and at least grab your user name before the platform goes platinum.

Screenshot - Snapchat Discover brands

Marketing only to millennials? Some of these brands speak to Snapchat growing up.

Reason #2: Big brands are flocking to Snapchat.

Starting in January 2015, Snapchat added the Discover feature which brought on brands to create stories and advertise their wares to Snap users. While MTV, Cosmo, and IGN seem like no-brainer partnerships considering Snapchat’s audience, other brands like CNN, ESPN, National Geographic, People, Buzzfeed, and WSJ might elevate one of your eyebrows as you ponder the future.

But wait! There’s more… Just this week, Viacom announced an advertising partnership with Snapchat which might signal the app is movin’ on up to even greater heights.

Reason #3: Content marketing, anyone?

Anyone else heard the news that live video is the place to be for marketing strategy in 2016? “Live” is in the air, and Snapchat is just one app among many which incorporates video content into its utility. With other tools like Periscope, Meerkat, Blab, Facebook Live, and Instagram, what makes Snapchat worthy of your rapidly diminishing time?

Get ready to have your mind blown. Snapchat is a video editing tool.

Think about it: you can shoot a video or capture an image on Snapchat, and then what happens? You immediately get a review of the capture, which you can adjust with filters and text, save, or discard to do a retake. Once you’re happy with the result, the Snap can be downloaded to your phone and saved to your Story. Even cooler, if you plan ahead and script out your Snaps, you can add each one to your Story to ultimately download the entire timeline as one file.

Not only can you create content for your Snapchat Story, but the messages you generate can be used throughout your other marketing channels as appropriate. Anyone who works with content marketing knows the value of using the same great content in different ways for different audiences.

You do you.

Ultimately, I probably can’t convince you to take up the Snapchat fan mantle. Some social media tools never mesh with particular users, and that’s OK. It’s also probably why there are hundreds of social media tools out there. You know your marketing strategy, audiences, and customers best, and I know you’ll make the right choices of where to commit your time, energy, and dollars to stay current with today’s social media trends.

As for me and my marketing, we will Snapchat. For now.


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Rachel Moore, Owner & CSO of Really Social - Your Social Media Solution. Really.Rachel Moore is the Owner and Chief Social Officer of Really Social—your social media solution. Really.

Though one of the newbies to the Colorado Women in Social Media, Rachel is no stranger to digital marketing. With over eight years of social media brand and creative marketing, as well as a rapier-sharp wit and way of wielding words, Rachel brings real people and real social media solutions together.


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