Social Media and the Latino Market

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I want to grow my brand.  I want to create the know-like-trust in the Latino Market because I know that my product or service would be of use to that market.  So now what do I do?

The first thing to know is what platforms do they frequent and rely on?  The answer; Facebook and Instagram.

But it’s more complicated than this.  It’s vitally important to understand how they communicate and what will evoke positive responses and engagement.  I love working with this demographic because they are easy to communicate with once you understand their wants and needs.  The keys to communicating with this demographic are honesty, follow-through, authenticity and humor.   Also understanding that family and referrals are how they communicate brand loyalty to one another.

The Latino population looks for Brands that relate with their culture, their humor, their values.  In today’s world, we have so many ways of communicating with others, yet no one has really tapped into this demographic.  In Denver we have 31% Latino population.  That can translate to revenue if approached correctly.  

Latinos look for many cues when deciding on what brands they will use.  So some of the things you can do are:

  • Communicate in their native language.
  • Use color!  The Latino community responds to bright and cheerful colors.
  • Make your images as inviting as possible.  Use real pictures taken at your place of business.  Do not use stock photos.
  • Live Video!  This will reach the demographic in a better more effective way than anything else.  Especially if done in their native language.

Do you think your product or service can thrive in this demographic?  Need more help?  Reach out to me.  The Latino community is my home.  Having grown up in Mexico City, this demographic is native to me.

AimeeSkillin3Aimee Skillin is the owner and founder of Social Media Languages.  She is a certified Social Media Manager and Certified in Google for Work.  Aimee’s passion is teaching and coaching others.  She created, wrote and developed “Become a Business Creative” a curriculum that marries Social Media and Google tools to help you rock your business and showcase your creativity and Social Media skills.  Aimee was raised in Mexico City and is fluent in English & Spanish   Aimee is also a public speaker and available for any of your engagements, in English or Spanish.  

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