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Connection. It is why we Link, Follow, Like, Blab, etc. etc. etc.  This “fad” called Social Media is not going away anytime soon, and just like those folks who believe Al Gore invented the Internet or was that Al Gore who thinks he invented the Internet, well, it is here to stay! Once we are all connected and social, what is the worst thing that can happen? It’s a key on your keyboard, and it says DELETE.
Besides blocking a person on Facebook, the next Social “no-no” brands and businesses need to be managing is deleting a post from a member of the community. Why? The business just lost a major opportunity to gain valuable insight or course correct.  Rather than delete, reply. Yes, I know it is scary, but responding allows you to learn what happened or why the poster is unhappy. When I manage social media for clients, I bring the comments and posts I see to the client. Parents call this a teachable moment. My first responder approach is to ask the poster to contact someone on the client’s management team, if this is for a business, so we have a chance to get it right.
As my client’s investigative reporter, I will try to gather as much information about the person making a stink first  – is their timeline or feed full of complaints? Is this who they are? Did their cat die and they are just sad today? Have they had the account for more than a hot second? Meaning, did they create an account just to complain and taunt us? Are they a disgruntled employee? If we do not reply, we are not doing all of the job we could for the client. Replying or engaging with the person who posts news we may not want to see, shows the world who we are as a company or brand.
We face the music and make it right. Life is NOT a box of chocolates, Forrest. Sometimes we have to take our lumps and manage a tight situation. As the saying goes, we all get one chance to make the right impression. Kindness is so simple.


Kimbirly Orr, Founder and President, Knock Out Performance


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