Tuesday Tip: Use Blab Video Chat to Engage with Customers

Have you jumped on the live streaming platform Blab yet? Here at CWSM our members have used it with great success. Blab is live video chat that allows you to invite three other guests to join you via mobile or desktop and have a conversation. We’ve used it for panel presentations and to interview subject matter experts. It’s also an excellent way to talk with potential clients, customers and fans! To learn many more details on how Blab works, read this article by Marc Levy.   Tip submitted by Melody Jones, Founder of CWSM and Founder/CEO of Social Media Management Services LLC Follow Melody on Blab here.

Be the Best at Blab | blog from Really.Social

4 Ways to Be the Best at Blab

Do you just hate blundering your way through using a new tool? If so, you’re one of our people. Blab is still fairly new to social media circles, as are the masses of users flocking to use it. With so many going on-air, how can you stand out? By being the best at Blab. Here are four ways you can prep your first Blab for ultimate success. Schedule your Blab into the future to allow you the time and opportunity to promote it. Prepare your questions. Seems like a no-brainer, but you can even populate them into your Blab before it starts. Set the ground rules. Just because you know how to handle yourself on live video doesn’t mean other users do. Moderate like a master. If you’re the host of your Blab, own it and use that authority to control …

Social Media Chat with Colorado Women in Social Media – Blab Recap

Several CWSM members hosted a fun and casual Blab video chat session where we talked all things social media. We had a great time interacting with guests and each other. After introductions of participating members, topics included the latest news on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Snapchat. We also discussed social media tools including HootSuite, Buffer, Sprout Social, IFTTT and Canva. Here’s your chance to watch an hour of fun talk on social media. Many of our members are on Blab. Check out our member bio page to find and follow members on various social media networks.