What’s Appropriate for Businesses to Post on Social Media?

Social media began as a tool for friends to communicate, and quickly grew into a vehicle for all types of communication. It leaves a lot of room to express thoughts and ideas creatively. However, when it comes to using social media for professional marketing purposes, it’s essential to understand the appropriate way to craft your online content. Keep It Professional Before you hit the send button on any social post, ask yourself this question: “Would I say this in front of my boss or a potential client?” Sometimes using colorful language can be tempting in order to emphasize a statement or idea, but if it is not something that would fly in a traditional business environment then it shouldn’t be posted on your social either. This includes overtly sexual content or innuendos, strong political statements, and any religious viewpoints – …

6 Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Website from Pinterest

Pinterest is quickly becoming one of the largest social media platforms, and people are using it more and more as a search engine. It now drives more traffic to individual blogs and websites than Google+, LInkedIn and YouTube combined! Because the “shelf-life” of a post (or pinned item) is so much longer than any of the other social platforms, it means much more visibility over a longer period of time. The visual nature of the site, however, means that you must supply compelling visuals to attract a following of Pinners. This article provides 6 quick tips to drive more traffic to your website using the ever-growing visual platform called Pinterest. Beth Johnston, Founder Social Bridges, Denver CO