Is Snapchat worth your time? by Rachel Moore, Really Social

Is Snapchat Worth Your Time?

‘Fess up: you’ve asked this question at some point in the last year. You’ve wondered if you should waste marketing effort and time on an app with fleeting content which primarily caters to millennials. Is Snapchat worth your time? This marketer says yes. Let’s dig into the why. Reason #1: You Just Never Know. Change is the one constant in the universe and in social media. The wealth of updates to existing apps as well as roll-outs of new apps is enough to make Donald Trump pause. We simply can’t predict if a specific app, like Snapchat, will ultimately swoop in to replace Instagram or Facebook… or conversely go the way of Peach or MySpace. For the “just in case” scenario, a marketer—or one of the marketer’s staff—should check the app out and at least grab your user name before the platform …

Tuesday Tip: Using lists on Twitter and Facebook

Using lists on Twitter and Facebook can be huge for your business and help save you a lot of time!  Twitter lists are a great way to segment who you are following.  Instead of getting overwhelmed by the thousands upon thousands of tweets on your main feed.  By putting people on lists, you can view just their tweets and engage directly with them. Facebook lists are similar to Twitter lists in that you can see the feed from just the people on your list.  This is great if you only want to interact with friends and family on weekends, but business friends during the week, etc.  However, Facebook lists are great because you can also share posts with people on specific lists.  For someone like me, who doesn’t want to overwhelm my friends with work-related updates ALL the time, this …

Create Great Content Using “PIECE” Messaging

Not sure what to say on social media to effectively engage your audience? There is more to it than just promoting your product or services. But many come to the posting box with their social network and freeze, unsure of what to share that will be meaningful. At Actuate Social, we call this phenomenon “Posting Stress Syndrome.” Do not fret! Posting on social media networks is as easy as giving a PIECE of yourself. After all, the more you give, the more you get right? Want to know more? Read this…   Blog post by Lisa Haas, Founder & President of Actuate Social