Tuesday Tip: Add Your Periscope Link to Twitter

If you go live on Periscope and want your Twitter followers to easily find you, now you can add your Periscope link right into your bio. Go to your Twitter profile (http://twitter.com/yourTwitterusername); Click on the Edit Profile button; Beneath your bio on the left side, check the box next to “Show your Periscope profile.” All done! Your Periscopes will display live in  your Twitter timeline, but now your followers can quickly find your “scopes” right from your bio. To learn more about how to use social media effectively, visit Really Social online. Rachel Moore is a social media trainer, consultant, and speaker who specializes in helping startups do social media right from the start.

Tuesday Tip: Go Live from Twitter

Twitter has rolled out an update to its mobile app to allow you to “Go Live” with a video! Simply begin to compose a new tweet, then click on the camera icon. You should see a new option to “Go Live;” when you click it, you’ll be taken directly into Periscope to start a new live broadcast which will be tweeted/shared to your Twitter followers. Don’t forget to title your Periscope (use hashtags!) and greet new viewers!

Tuesday Tip: Tag Users in Your Tweet Image

For the next event you want to promote on Twitter, create an image to share in a Tweet. Once you upload the image, you can tag the image with up to 10 Twitter users. When the Tweet publishes, each user will be alerted of the mention in your Tweet image and can react/share accordingly. Twitter is fast-paced, so don’t be shy about posting multiple Tweets with different users tagged each time!

Tuesday Tip: Using lists on Twitter and Facebook

Using lists on Twitter and Facebook can be huge for your business and help save you a lot of time!  Twitter lists are a great way to segment who you are following.  Instead of getting overwhelmed by the thousands upon thousands of tweets on your main feed.  By putting people on lists, you can view just their tweets and engage directly with them. Facebook lists are similar to Twitter lists in that you can see the feed from just the people on your list.  This is great if you only want to interact with friends and family on weekends, but business friends during the week, etc.  However, Facebook lists are great because you can also share posts with people on specific lists.  For someone like me, who doesn’t want to overwhelm my friends with work-related updates ALL the time, this …